The AWM automation system consists of the ActiWeb software and Magio field modules

Control room and programming level

The ActiWeb software can be used for programming, drawing graphics and system use through a browser, either locally or over the Internet.

SLC and WEB are browser-based programs, so you do not need to install any additional software on the device.

The software can also be used to draw graphics.

Automation level

At the automation level, a suitable industrial PLC using the UBUNTU Linux operating system may be chosen depending on the complexity of the target and customer needs.

Field level

Up to 8 analog or 16 digital input and output signals can be connected to the Magio 816 module developed by Bithouse.

Both analog and digital input and output signals can be connected freely to the same I/O module.

ActiWeb - software

The heart of the software: SLC and WEB-Engine

  • Modern LUA programming language
  • Web-based programming and graphics drawing tool
  • No software license is needed – all you need is a text editor!
  • You can even program systems directly from an Excel list
  • The programming tool is integrated directly into the WEB-Engine
  • Creating an interface is fast and easy
  • E.g. all I/O points are automatically included in trend monitoring

Universaali Magio816 I/O -module

Magio 816 - card

Magio 816 - card in a junction box with film gaskets

Magio 816 -card in a DIN box

  • Can be installed directly into the device so that the card controls the functions of the device in question
  • Encased e.g. in an AP junction box (IP65), so that the card can be easily distributed into the field (e.g. defrost automation)
  • Encased in a DIN rail, making installation in e.g. a distribution board easy. 


  • Both analog and digital signals can be connected to the Magio 816 module
  • The signals can be input or output signals
  • Up to 8 analog or 16 digital signals may be connected to a single module
  • Both analog and digital input and output signals can be connected freely to the same module
  • The total number of digital and analog signals may not exceed 16, as shown in the table below

Operation Control Of Actuators

The Magio 816 I/O module also supplies the operating voltage for the actuators, so you can measure and monitor the current received by the actuator at the same time. When the key figure calculated from the current drawn by the device deviates from the set limit values, device faults can be immediately detected and an alarm is generated.

Fault detection of thermal actuators, for example, is normally very difficult. Thanks to current sensing, the Magio I/O module detects that the current drawn by a faulty wax motor deviates from the alarm limits, and the automation system can generate an alarm without the need for complex infrared temperature measurements.